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  Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanan Rising was founded in 1995, is a collection of scientific research, manufacturing, integration of modern enterprise. Companies engaged in precision CNC plastic machinery manufacturing in the domestic leading level for the same industry, 80% of products are exported to South Africa and the Southeast Asian countries, the product quality passed ISO9001 certification, the application to the State Patent Office several patented technology. 

  In the mechanical field, the "Rising" by virtue of advanced technology, continuous research and application, so that has been the rapid development of its own. 

  Over the years, "Rising" people to "go beyond self, the user first, the pursuit of excellence, pay attention to the brand," the conviction, pay close attention internal management of enterprises, focusing on scientific and technological progress, adhere to the market makers based on joint participation in the competition s strategic direction. 

  Facing the new century IT revolution, "Rising" people always adhere to "quality with me, the customer in my mind," the quality policy, careful decision-making, long-term planning, sound management system, improve the full range of product flow network, the high - quality products and effective services to dedicated to the community. Seize the opportunity to meet the rapid development of the form of the new era of economic challenges. 

  Rising business willing to work with friends of various circles at home and abroad go hand in hand glory.